Bipolar UK eCommunity - Registration

The eCommunity is hosted and moderated by the charity, providing a safe and secure environment for individuals to pose questions, assist others and openly discuss the challenges and impact of bipolar.

When registering with the eCommunity, you are agreeing to comply with the following policies and procedures. Non-compliance can result in removal of individual postings and/or removal of an individual from the service.

When registering, you are asked for specific information including contact details. This information is held by Bipolar UK and is not shared with any third party.

eCommunity Terms & Conditions

  • The eCommunity provides a safe and secure environment, all users have a user name that is displayed alongside your posts on the discussion board. Your user name is a name by which you wish to be known (first name or nickname for example), please do not use your first name and surname.
  • eCommunity service users cannot post links showing their personal contact details, including address, telephone numbers, personal email addresses [or instant messaging] or links to personal blogs and websites. Any posts providing personal contact details will be removed.
  • eCommunity users should not post photos or links to photos that show themselves or others in an identifiable way.
  • The eCommunity is hosted and moderated by Bipolar UK. Our moderators are there to support the thousands of eCommunity users in using the forum and ensure our policies are complied with. Please respect the role of the moderators.
  • The eCommunity is intended for people aged 18 and above. If you are aged between 16 and 18 you can use the eCommunity if you have the support of a parent or guardian.
  • Show respect for each other
  • Be courteous to others at all times
  • Allow others to have their say
  • Refrain from using offensive - including sexually explicit – language. Our moderators have final word and will remove posts.
  • Refrain from using sexist or racist comments or behaviour
  • The eCommunity is a service for individuals affected by bipolar, it is not a marketing or communication medium for companies, researchers or products. All posts of this nature will be removed.
  • Links to items for sale or the promotion of commercial website is not allowed on the eCommunity.
  • Bipolar UK is not able to recommend individual doctors, psychiatrists or other medical professionals. This rule also applies to the eCommunity and we ask that users also refrain from doing so.
  • On occasion individuals may discuss difficult and highly personal feelings and experiences. Thoughts of suicide are, unfortunately, a challenge many of us face. Each discussion differs, but general speaking it is not Bipolar UK’s intention to remove postings because they refer to suicide. We absolutely will remove postings when for example, those postings refer to methods of suicide or promote self-harm. As a consideration to more sensitive eCommunity members we ask that you post about suicidal thoughts, self-harm or other subjects that may trigger people only in the ‘Contested’ forum area of the eCommunity.
  • Bipolar UK is non-partisan in matters regarding religion. Users should not promote one religion or belief over another, or suggest that the answer to someone’s problem is a certain religion, belief or religious group. eCommunity users can refer to themselves as belonging to a particular religion or belief, but it should only be for information and not to promote that religion or suggest that their beliefs make them a better person than others. We ask that all service users respect our position on this.
  • Bipolar UK is non-partisan in matters regarding politics. Users should not promote one political party or viewpoint over another, or suggest that it is the solution to a particular issue. eCommunity users can refer to themselves as supporting a particular political party or viewpoint, but it should only be for information and not to promote that position. We ask that all service users respect our position on this.
  • Confidentiality. Where Bipolar UK has a concern that an individual’s health and safety is at risk or we believe criminal action either has been committed or there is an intention to undertake a criminal action, we will remove the posting and take appropriate action making a referral to or seeking advice from the police or another front line service including for example, paramedics or social services.
  • The views of individuals expressed on Bipolar UK’s eCommunity do not necessarily represent the views of Bipolar UK.

If you require additional information, please call us on 0333 323 3880 or email